Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why do sonic booms happen during nap time?

So, I have decided that sonic booms are a cruel joke against mother's of sleeping children. If you aren't familiar with sonic booms, check out this site. For those of you that don't live at Edwards AFB - let me tell you that having no noise restrictions can be hell on nap times. Today was one of those days that I swear the pilots were feeling spiteful. Just as I got AJ settled down for a nap today (which seems to be a feat in of itself lately), there was a boom that shook the windows so hard, I almost jumped out of my skin. Needless to say, this sent him into a tizzy. We tried again and then sure enough - BOOM!!!!! Well - there went nap time for AJ! So in all of my infinite wisdom, I decided to put Elizabeth and AJ in the playroom with a movie so that I could at least get Jacob down for a nap. That was successful - at least for a little while. The next BOOM didn't wake Jacob up per say but the sound of Elizabeth crying because it scared her sure did. After all of this, I decided that I had been defeated so off to the park we went. And wouldn't you know it - there weren't any more sonic booms the rest of the day. Aaarrrgghhh!

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