Monday, March 17, 2008

drills, chizzles and other ways to find peace

...or that is at least what I told myself on Saturday when I sat in the dentist's chair so numb that I couldn't feel anything below my eyes. As most of you know, I have had A LOT of dental work done lately (thanks pregnancy!) and I am sure have paid for my next dentist's trip to Hawaii in the process. However, this past Saturday, my most wonderful, caring and devoted husband relinquished his weekend to spend with the three little rug-rats and live in my life for two days as I headed down to Orange County for my most recent dental torture. I suppose I do have to go through some pain to get to the end of the rainbow, right? No pain, no gain? Enough innuendos! Anyway, I stayed with my mom and dad for the weekend with no other obligations than taking care of myself - what a dream!!! Thank you Mike for giving me a weekend of peace (even if I had to go through some dental torture to get it)! I love you!

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