Sunday, March 2, 2008

role call Mommy style

For those of you in the pilot realm of the Air Force, you understand the meaning of roll call. For you others, I will give you my perspective on it. Please keep in mind, this is my view of the whole thing. Occasionally, the guys from the squadron gather in a place that has some sort of feel good beverages and they supposedly discuss what has gone on at work and how they can make it better. What really happens is they get drunker than a skunk and decide to do, shall we say testoserone induced activities, such as roof stomps (that is another thing only us lucky military wives are privilaged to know about) and play crud, otherwise known as combat pool.

Luckily I am part of a close-knit group of wives and on Friday when our brave Airmen were out having their hoo-rah, we decided to have our own. Sari - bless that woman, offered up her house to some 15+ children and their mommies. The kids had dinner and played while the mommies were able to vent about their week. I am starting to think that this roll call thing is a good idea - well maybe!

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Anonymous said...

Good idea girls! You all deserve certainly this and much much more. Thank goodness you all have each other for support.