Wednesday, March 5, 2008

sibling rivalry

It always amazes me the different types of relationships that siblings can have with each other. I think all parents hope and wish that their kids will all get a long, be best buddies and always love each other. But the fact of life is that there will always be some sort of sibling rivalry. I mean, honestly, can anyone always be affectionate towards another person at all times especially if you live with them 24 hours a day? Don't get me wrong, my kids really do love each other but they sure do have their share of spats too. Anyway, the other night as we were sitting down to watch a little Oswald to unwind before bedtime, I heard a faint little voice come from the other room that said, "issy, i wuv you", followed by an "I love you too AJ." When I peaked around the corner, this is what I was witness to. Oh melt my heart!!!!


A Quick World said...

AJ is such a sweet little boy. He really has so much love in his heart! This picture is wonderful :)

CresceNet said...
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