Saturday, December 27, 2008

time with friends

The Air Force has given us the opportunity to see new places and make many new friends along the way. Some of those friendships come and go as quickly as the moves do but others stand the test of time and distance. We are lucky enough to have experienced many of those kind of friendships. Our dear friends from California came out to Florida for the holidays. We spent Christmas Eve with them having lunch with all of our crazy kids and visiting Santa.

Poor guy! Isn't that pitiful?

Tasting Santa's sweet treats after our visit.

That evening we made our way over to some other dear friends of ours that we are lucky enough to be stationed with right now. We had a wonderful dinner and some good laughs and fun with friends and family. The kiddos exchanged gifts and then were quickly sent to bed to wait for Santa.

We love you all and are so glad that we have you in our lives. You all are family to us!

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Tricia said...

We love you guys too and are glad to be able to see you even though you've moved :) We are more than friends we Are family!