Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This was the abbreviation that I remember when I first saw it during clinicals I thought it was something really bad - at least something not appropriate. Well, come to find out it stands for fever of unknown origin.

Not that I am a doctor but that is what I am calling what AJ has been experiencing. He went from normal to 104.5 in a matter of 8 hours with a huge spike in the middle. He didn't have any other symptoms and seems to be back to normal today so who knows.

Must be a virus, right? (Or isn't that the catch all?)

So for now my son is FOUO.


Mom/Gamma said...

What a sweet picture. Glad to hear that AJ is feeling better, he must have felt lousy looking at the picture. Hopefully you got some sleep last night also.
Love to all!

Sarah said...

He's gonna kill you for this picture when he's 16 ;) Poor kiddo, 104.5 is crazy!!! So glad he's back to normal, I'm sure that was a rough day for you Carrie!

Sally said...

So glad he's back to feeling better! I know you must be exhausted as well. Hope you all get some recovery time this weekend. :-)

Just so you know, in government-speak FOUO is For Official Use Only...which is what that photo will be when AJ runs for President. :-)

Tricia said...

Sally that funny!!! poor kid :( you can tell by those cheeks that he was burning up! Hopefully he'll stay on tyhe upside and let you guys catch up on some sleep.