Tuesday, March 3, 2009

how to traumatize your child.

Update #2 (3:01PM): So he finally fell asleep or passed out or something. The room has been quite for about 45 minutes now. I must say the consumption of Girl Scout cookies on my part to make me feel better about all of this is probably not the best thing for my butt, but you do what you gotta do, right? Wish us a better night time!!


Update (2:00PM): Nap time sucks! He has been in his room for almost two hours whinning and crying about me and the Binky. What was I thinking?? OK, OK - just stay strong, right?


First you have to be totally fed up with your child still using a Binky. I am not saying that this a general rule for everyone but our family alone. Anyway, for some reason, Jacob has decided lately that he needs his Binky every hour of every day instead of just during nap and bedtime. To me this is just not acceptable but when he sits there yelling and demanding his Binky, it is just so easy to plug him up and end the drama.

Well, for the sake of weaning and proving my point (probably not the way to go about it), I just cut off the nipple part this morning and told him he could have his Binky.
Let's just say that didn't go over too well. We had screaming, falling to the ground, hysteria, throwing, hitting, gagging, and the list could go on.

Now he is quietly playing in the other room but every once in a while I hear him yell out "Bad bad Mommy!" Nap time should be real interesting today! (I do have others hidden that are still in tact. Oh, but please let me be strong!)

Do you think he will be scarred for life?


Amanda said...

Just remember it is like potty training. The first few days are the hardest and it will get better after that! Stay strong!

Sally said...

I'm not really worried about Jacob...he'll adjust just fine. Are you going to be ok?? :-)

Sarah said...

"Bad, bad Mommy" oh that is too funny...keep us posted!

Jason said...

Would it be more scary if you found him sleeping and then saw a binky with the nipple cut off? That would scare me for a sec until i remembered the plan.

Mom/Gamma said...

Poor little guy, life's tough when you're young and have to deal with all the traumas. I guess everyone survives because I haven't seen anyone driving around sucking on a Binky lately. Good luck with the up coming few days, hope it goes by fast.
Love you and hang in there!

Tricia said...

I am not looking forward to the day I have to take Ben's away. Good Luck, and you can do it!!!