Friday, March 6, 2009

reflections of an injury prone mother.

Well, he has done it again! Yep! Jacob has broken my nose. Let's think back to the day not so long ago when a similar incident occurred. Hmmm! Oh yeah - it sucked then too!!!!

I was holding my little angel the other night when his big sister decided to come by and tickle him. With a natural reaction and a jerk, he headbutted me right in the face. The kids all thought I was laughing but really I was screaming for the pain was like squeezing a watermelon through my nose. (Haven't I heard that metaphor before?) Anyway, after some confusion, ice packs, Motrin and the kids getting sent to bed, I decided it felt oddly familiar.

So, yesterday I tromped off to the doc and without an x-Ray the doc said, yep it's broke. You gotta got see the surgeon. So, off to the surgeon I went. He started by saying, well you have great bone structure but we need to take a better look. Seriously, what the heck does that mean? Anyway, after a CT scan and some more nose prodding, he told me that it was splintered and that there was some cartilage damage. I have to let it heal the way it is and come back in 6 weeks so they can re-break it again and file it down. Sounds pleasant, doesn't it?

For the time being, I think I will be investing in a lot of make-up. Actually the bruising isn't that bad at all. It just hurts! Uuuggh! When will these incidents end?


Tricia said...

Maybe you could just get the boys to brake it again after it heals, then go have it fixed :)

Jenny said...

Can Mother's file Worker's Compensation? Or short-term disability? Wouldn't that be nice? :) Hope you are feeling OK today!

Shelley said...

CRAP! That sucks! Big time! I'll be sending you a helmet to wear around...might be safer! ;)

Amanda said...

You poor thing! I wish you were here so we could help you out around the time of the surgery. I will definitely be thinking about you!!

Mom/Gamma said...

It never ceases to amaze me how that dark cloud seems to follow you around...I think Shelley has it right, you and maybe the kids also need to have full-time helmets. But really, I feel sooooo bad and hope the pain starts to go away, I can't imagine what you went through other than a similar incident that happened here with our tile floors meeting up with your nose. Jacob apparently wants your face to look more like his or something. Hang in there!
Love you!

Sarah said...

Carrie!! Unbelievable! Or maybe believably by now...oh you poor thing!