Monday, August 24, 2009

1st day of 1st

What a difference a year makes...

August, 2008 August, 2009

My big first grader was off to school today but not before I snapped a picture of her. She insisted that this was the location of this year's picture.

When I told the boys that we were going to walk Elizabeth to school I think Jacob took it to mean we must hold her hand and guide her to school because that is what he did the whole way there. AJ joined in on the walking to school once we got to school grounds and they walked her all the way to her class.

She got back into the routine as soon as we walked in the classroom, quickly hanging up her backpack and doing her attendance. That is her teacher, Mrs. Chlebowski, this year.

I am so proud of you, Elizabeth, and all of your amazing accomplishments over the past six years. I can't wait to see what this year brings. You light up my life!

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Stacy said...

Oh how sweet!!! And, I love her hair. She looks so grown up.