Friday, August 28, 2009


Well, we made it through the first week of school mostly unscathed.

Elizabeth thinks first grade is "awesome" despite the homework. She already has a crush on one of the boys in her class and has made some new friends. She has her first spelling test next week and starts her science and social studies units next week as well. She is going to have a lot of work this year but she has a wonderful teacher and an amazing amount of opportunities that lie ahead of her.

AJ jumped out of the car on his first day (Tuesday) with as little as a, "see ya, Mom" as he skipped with his teacher to his classroom. He loves his new school and has also made some new friends. I am already very impressed with the work that has come home with him in the afternoons. Not only does he have a brand new building that he is in with state of the art amenities but the school has a slide indoors from the second floor down to the first. I think his most exciting time of the week was after music class on Wednesday the class got to go down the slide on their way back to their classroom. And yes, they do change classes in preschool for music and PE. Who would have thought?

Jacob has is orientation for his school on Thursday and I think he is pretty excited. His teachers seem very compassionate and devoted to the kids. They were sure to make all of the kids feel welcome the day that we were there. We will just have to see how Tuesday goes when it comes time to drop off. I have to admit I am sure I will have a harder time with it than Jacob will.

With all three of them going to three different schools, my time in the car has greatly increased this week. Not only are AJ and Jacob's schools much further than the preschool last year but they are dismissed at different times. Thank goodness for carpools and good friends because I think I will only have to make that drive twice rather than three times in one day. Well, I take that back. I forgot about the basketball, cheerleading, soccer and girl scout activities that we have to contend with as well. Oh well. I guess I just better put those taxi stripes on the van now and get used to it because I don't think it is going to get any better as they get older.

Now this exhausted Mommy is going to go climb in bed after this long week. I think we all need a little rest!

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Jenny said...

WOW AJ's school sounds AMAZING. Can I go?