Monday, August 3, 2009


I am here and I will still continue to blog. But for now, as Mike would say, please stand by. In the interest of time management, I have decided to fore go the blog until I can get caught up on my work with my photography and at home.

For the past we have had visitors, Elizabeth and I have traveled and I have had more than my fair share of photo shoots including one with 85 people. Yikes! The kiddos have been busy with soccer, swimming, karate, movies, beaches and other summer time fun which in turn turns my mommy mobile of a minivan into a mommy taxi. I am hoping that once school starts back up I will have a little more time to sit down and just take a breathe. Until then, it might be a while before you see another blog from me but beware - when the time comes, it will be a blogathon. So hang in there - I will be back!


Jenny said...

Happy Blogcation!

Mom/Gamma said...

TOTALLY understandable! I will admit that I will miss reading all your great stories. Luckily we talk almost daily.
Love you lots and try to relax if possible.