Tuesday, August 18, 2009

come to visit....

I'm playing a bit of catch up since I took a month off of blogging so prepare yourself for the blogathon of 2009...

Anyway, Mike's sister came to visit at the end of June with her two kiddos. We had so much fun while they were here. We played in all sorts of water each and every day - from the pool to the beach to the backyard sprinklers and even the water fountains at the Destin Commons.

Water play at Destin Commons.

Keeping the kiddos in check at the beach.

Who are those crazy kids all dressed up?

Every girl needs a little pampering every now and then.
Fun in the sand.

Playing school.

Walking the plank to the pool.

Waiting for the waves.

Devouring some really sticky s'mores after a long day at the beach.

The girls (against the mirror) at karate.

Cousin train.

Oh, those boys!

Can you say "taxi"?

This can't be good.
Does she look like she belongs in Terminator or what?

Squirting water from the head, huh?
Good 'ole water play in the backyard.
We had such a great time while they were here and are hoping that all of the cousins, aunts & uncles and grandparents can make it out at the same time. Miss you all!

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Jenny said...

Looks like a wet 'n' wild visit!