Friday, August 21, 2009

belly fighting

My kiddos are really physical! I mean REALLY physical to my dismay. So, in order to embrace this need to wrestle and whatnot, we came up with belly bumping. Rules are no hands or feet involved - just bellies. Well, we learned that Elizabeth has one mighty powerful belly on her hands and can knock someone over with it. She tackled Mike with her belly and got him good. I wish I would have caught that one on camera but oh well. Anyway, here is a glimpse of our newest past time.....


And yes, I know Jacob is in his underwear once again. This is just the way he is these days - Captain Underpants. I am doing my best to just embrace it! :)


Sally said...

That is hysterical! They'll be so glad you have that video when they're teenagers! :-) I'd love to have your "re-directing" creativity!

Amanda said...

I love it!