Sunday, August 5, 2007

Baby Shower

Yesterday, we hosted a baby shower for one of the girls in our class at TPS. We had a lot of fun with good food and fun girls! We made onesies for Alli's little girl to be and also played a few get to know each other games. I think the best part was the time away from kids and getting to be an adult for a while. Congratulations Alli!

The Mommy-to-be (well, she already has two boys), Alli. Doesn't she look great for being due in less than two weeks?

Some of the creative girls that were making the onesies and a preview of the creativity that our group has - this little girl will have so many onesies she won't have to wear the same one twice.

Of course there was time for cake and present opening. Alli received a TON of diapers and enough outfits to get her through the first six months without having to dress her little girl in something more than once. (Makes me want to have another little girl - well let me think about that one - maybe I will just live vicariously through others!)

I got to pose with Alli and the sock rose bouquet that I made for her.

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Shelley said...

How cute is that sock rose bouquet? I love that.

Makes me jealous...if we end up having a girl next time, I am going to demand a shower...yes, demand! I didn't have a real shower with Josh, so I think I deserve the goofy games, and most importantly, a cake!

Looks like your having a good time, and meeting lots of good people!