Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Fair

On Friday, after the guys got home from school, we headed over to the Antelope Valley Fair Grounds for the annual fair. Of course we took advantage of the night that military got in free. We partook in good carnival food and the kids enjoyed all of the sites - especially AJ with the tractors (of course I didn't get a picture of that though). At the end of the evening Sarah and I got to see Chris Daughtry in concert while the Daddy's watched the kids. We had fun and were very tired by the time we went home.

Jacob tried to enjoy his brother's melted snow cone that we had put into a water bottle - less messy that way!
Mike posing with his beer - you can't go to a fair and not have a beer, right?

This is the infamous Sarah - wife to Elizabeth's beloved Builder Dave - along with her daughter Grace. I think AJ actually has a little crush on her. He talks about her all of the time.

Elizabeth with the Antelope Valley Antelope.

I think the kids look a little tired - what do you think?

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Sarah said...

Well now I'm all excited...does AJ have a crush on ME or Grace? :)