Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm Going To Lose My Mind!

Who Me?

Well, my little angel, Jacob, has gone from the world's best sleeper as a baby to what I am deeming the world's worst. He has decided that sleeping in the crib by himself is not what he has in mind. Nap times have become a power of wills - will I outlast his crying. This is so hard because I used to be able to just put him down and he would go right to sleep without any fuss. If that wasn't enough, nights have become a challenge as well. Apparently there is a party in his room around 2AM that I wasn't aware of. He has been waking up and deciding it is time to get up and play. Trying to let him cry is awful (not only for me but AJ isn't getting any sleep either) and I am not able to find any solution to sleep besides holding him or bringing him to bed with me. I would like to blame it on teething but I'm not too sure if this isn't a new side of Jacob. Uggghhhh! I hope this "phase" ends soon or else I am going to turn into a non-functioning zombie.


Shelley said...

All I can say is have his ears checked. Whenever Josh doesn't sleep well (naps included) it generally ends up being an ear infection. And that is his ONLY symptom! Worth a shot.

P.S. You need to change your family photo to one without my hideous watermark!!

Anonymous said...

Hugs for you hon! Carol

Anonymous said...

Did I just get the BEST laugh or what?! Well, I’m not laughing at you, since I know lack of sleep is cruel and it’s really not funny, but that picture of him on your site along with the sleepless story is priceless – what a character he is. Is he going to have to get his own room?? Oye, I feel for you.