Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting Into The Game

This week has been an fun filled week of soccer camp for Elizabeth (and AJ got in on the action on occasion). She attended camp here on base put on by Challenger Sports which is a British soccer camp. Coaches come from all over Great Britain to coach over 1700 camps in the US. Elizabeth's coach was "Coach Mike". He taught her all sorts of games - including a surfing one - and built her confidence. We started the week with many tears but by the end of camp today, there weren't any tears shed and she was a great sport about getting her ball "borrowed" (don't say stolen to a 4 year old when you have taught them that stealing is bad). She is scheduled to have her first soccer game with the Edwards Soccer League sometime after labor day. Who knows - maybe we have the next Mia Hamm in the making!

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Shelley said...

She's just too grown up already! Make it stop!