Thursday, August 9, 2007


Our TPS class has a weekly playgroup with all of our kids. Today Katie was kind enough to host playgroup at her house and the kids had a blast! There was water, sand, toys and snacks - what else could a kid ask for? (She had Mimosa's for the Mommies so everyone was happy!)

The kids headed straight for the water. Elizabeth played int the sprinkler island for a little bit before heading over to the pool that she could make a big "splash" in.

Of course AJ had to get his mowing in before he could partake in any of the water fun. Apparently he doesn't discriminate between mowers - not even a pink one.

After the pools, it was off to the sand box. You can only imagine what wet little kids and a sand box turns into.

Once they were completely dirty, the headed over to the table for some snacks - they needed to rebuild their energy before having another go at the pool and sand.

Jacob didn't miss out any of the fun. Our friend Sarah was nice enough to keep an eye on him while he played with the other kids inside. He loved the rubber floor - apparently it is a great chewing device - even if you have to lay down to chew on it.

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Shelley said...

A.J. and his mowing fetish cracks me up! Wasn't he mowing last night when I was talking to you on the phone?

Sounds like a great group of friends!