Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Day At The Pool

Sunday we headed over to the Sonic Splash pool after days of promising the kids. We are so glad that we went, because come to find out they are closing the pools early this year (don't ask why they close in this heat) due to "lack of funding" and Sunday was the last day it was open. The funny thing was that there were only four other families there the whole time we were there so it was like having a private pool. Elizabeth and Jacob enjoyed there time floating around in the big pool while AJ spent most of his time sliding down the slide. The slide there is similar to what you would find in an amusement park - a lot of fun! I wish I could have gotten pictures of them swimming but holding Jacob in the pool limited my ability. Anyway, hopefully we will get some more swimming in at the indoor pool - the kids had a lot of fun!

Look at that cheeky grin! Is that a preview of the trouble to come?

Doesn't she look much older than four? It is starting to scare me how fast she is growing up!

AJ was taking a break from his sliding - I guess his blank stare is a good indication of how tired he was!

Daddy and AJ waiting their turn to go down the slide.

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