Friday, July 18, 2008

The Drive

OK - so here is a glimpse of what our drives were like from good old (non-humid might I add), California to Florida. This is how the story went....

Edwards to San Diego, CA (2 days) to Henderson, NV, to Grand Junction, CO to Longmont, CO (8 days) to Wichita, KS to Dallas, TX to Moss Point, MS and finally to Niceville, FL!

And, yes - you did read that right - it does say Niceville! And before you ask, yes, it IS nice in Niceville.

OK - bask to the story. As you know from a previous post, we first headed down to San Diego for my brothers graduation. This is the most perfect child known to man, my brother, David and his girlfriend, Tiffany. Ahhh, aren't they cute?

We were then off to Las Vegas to visit some of our TPS friends and were able to spend some time swimming at the Capsers house. We miss you guys terribly but are so glad that we got to see your new place. Hopefully we can find some cheap fares to Vegas soon - I think I am in withdrawal already!

After Vegas we headed on our way to Colorado to visit the Marlin side of the family. The picture below is the view I saw while driving. It really makes me wonder why anyone would want to live in the east. I am so partial to the mountains and the weather out west - we will be back some day - just don't know when yet.

While in Colorado we were able to attend the graduation of my brother and sister-in-laws graduation from their medical residency. Mike and I were also able to get away from the kids that night as my other sister-in-law had the most wonderful woman come over and watch the kids. It was so nice to have a night out. Congrats Ryan & Heidi!

All of the cousins spent a lot of time together at Nana and Papa's house and we were able to get a picture of all of the kiddo's together. And, no, I don't think AJ was picking his nose....

After 8 days of R & R in CO it was time for the rubber to hit the asphalt again. We planned it so that we would have 1 long day followed by a short day and then repeat again... The kids did pretty good given the hours that we were in the car. They entertained themselves pretty well and it helped having the two cars to be able to switch things up a bit not only for the kids but Mike and I as well.

We spent the 4th in Dallas at the Omni Hotel which was a 5-Star hotel. We spoiled ourselves that day with a whole afternoon of swimming followed by pj's and a dinner of room service. Our room's windows faced all of downtown Dallas and Ft. Worth so we were able to see about 5 firework shows from the comfort of our room - it was great!

The next day we headed out for another long day and this started to wear on Jacob quite a bit. He took to screaming for about 6 out of the 9 hours of driving but looking at this picture it doesn't seem so bad now.Our last day was a short one with only a three hour drive into Niceville. We were able to come straight to our house and check it out (remember we rented it sight unseen). To our surprise and excitement, the Quick's were out here visiting when we got here so we were able to see them again. We stayed in the TLF, which I think is worse than a Motel 6 (at least at this base) for two nights and then moved over to the house.

I will post pictures of the house once I take them. I am having a hard time getting those last boxes unpacked and put away. My motivation just isn't there anymore....

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