Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wednesday confessions

I am finding myself having more and more random thoughts that I just know you are all dying to know so I thought I would start a Wednesday Confession thing. I figure this is good therapy, right? Get things off my chest no matter how insignificant they are? Well, even if not - I thought it would be fun. So here it goes...

1. I miss California terribly. Don't get me wrong - Florida is nice as far as being in civilization again but I miss my family and the climate and the desert. I am not meant to be in humidity - it makes me cranky! That takes me to #2.

2. I have gone curly. Yup - I just couldn't stay straight in this humidity so I sucked it up and have left my hair curly no matter how much I don't like it. I must say it has made my mornings much more productive and Mike likes the fact that I am not consumed by the hair dryer for so long anymore.

3. Speaking of Mike, have I mentioned that I am totally and 100% in love with that man? Well, I am. As I am sitting here on the computer he has two kids in his arms dancing with the them as he is watching the third. Not many men would take on that challenge. He is such a good father and wonderful husband.

4. And keeping on the subject of kids, I love to see my kiddos in the bathtub! This is one of the few times of the day that I can count on them all getting along and I know they are truly enjoying themselves. See video below.

5. I realize that I have posted a lot of short video clips lately but sometimes action is so much better than still photos when you are trying to capture the moment and I also realized we don't have any video of AJ as a baby and I don't want it to stay that way as they get older. Moving makes you realize all of the items that you have forgotten about or just got lazy about - the video camera being one.

6. Goodwill is going to get a truckload of stuff that we have decided we don't need to cart around with us across the country again. I am just to lazy to list everything on ebay right now.

7. Lazy - okay, that describes me these days. I just don't feel the motivation to finish off this house. There are those random boxes left that have stuff in them that I don't currently need therefore I can find all of the excuses in the world not to deal with them. However my dilemma is that they are currently residing in what is to become my photography studio/office.

8. Yup, I get my own space in this house for just me. Well, I am sure I will have to share but I am turning the dining room area into a proofing, studio area. I have big plans for this area in the near future (just have to get motivated).

9. New business card design. (Recognize that face?)

10. I miss my friends! I am in total TPS withdrawal and for nothing better to do I am finding myself doing nothing.... uughhh! Help me!


Sally said...

Yep. You just gotta call me! :-) I also have to say that #3 makes me very happy. Miss you all!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that with your great style of writing I wish you would write a book of all your adventures. I know that you don't have anything else to do so why not? It's good to vent whenever needed so I will look forward to Wednesdays. You are an amazing mother, wife,sister and daughter. I love you very much, hang in there.

Debbie & Kirt said...
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