Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sick little girl

I was awoken this morning by a little girl whimpering that she got sick. Apparently the school year sickness has set in as she has the stomach flu and has now been asleep on and off (in between getting sick) for 4 hours.
Her biggest concern is that she wouldn't be able to take Curious George back to school today. Her class has a Curious George that gets to go home with a different child every weekend. Their homework at the end of the weekend is to write a story of all of the adventures they had with George over the weekend. When they get back to school, the teacher then reads the story to all of the kids.
She was so sad that she wasn't able to share her story with the class but I convinced her that she could write an even longer story because she could tell how George took care of her while she was sick. (I will have to throw him in the wash before going back to school.)

These are a couple pictures taken this weekend with George.


Shelley said...

Ahh...poor kid...the stomach flu is the worst! Hopefully it is a short lived one! Keep us posted on her progress, and let her know that we are thinking of her.

Jenny said...

Hope Elizabeth will be able to go back to school tomorrow!
Grey's Anatomy - September 25th, 2hr. season premiere!
I'm excited about the photo session at Cox. I'm glad I found her since you don't live nearby!

Sally said...

Hope Elizabeth feels better soon! Looks like Curious George had a GREAT time at the Marlin house this weekend. I'm sure he was glad to get to spend an extra day with you all. Give the little girl hugs for me!

Debbie and Kirt said...

Hope Elizabeth gets better soon. We have just had the back to school sniffles here. The stomach flu is no fun.

A Quick World said...

Hope George takes good care of that little girl :) Give her lots of hugs and kisses from us.

Mom/Gamma said...

I was so sorry to hear about that nasty flu bug. It was fun hearing all about it on the phone yesterday from her though. I must say she looks a little green in the one picture but sure looks healthy and grown up in the picture with George. Bet George thought she was nicest girl ever to take such good care of him even when she wasn't feeling well. Give her an extra squeeze for me and I'll keep my fingers crossed that the rest of you don't get sick.