Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Confessions Part VII

1. My little man, AJ, started preschool today! It is the first time he has gone to a different school than Elizabeth so we will see what the report is at the end of the day but I think he will be fine. He is in a class of only 6 kids so I know he will get a lot of one on one time. I really like his teacher and I think they are matched well for each other! He was a little hesitant about being dropped off until he saw the other kids and then he was just fine. Oh yeah - they don't allow backpacks at this school. They provide them all with buckets. I'm not totally sure on the whole concept but hey, AJ seems to be on board with the whole thing.

2. Am I a horrible Mom? I want to know the truth. I don't understand my emotions these days. I had a horrible time when Elizabeth went off to school but was just fine with AJ going today. Is it because we are back in the school routine and it is just what we do these days? Is it because it is preschool? Or am I really the most horrible mother that cries over one kid and not the other. Uggghhh!

3. There is nothing better than a good bubble bath. I figured you all wouldn't want a picture of me in the tub so you are going to get pictures of the kids! :)

4. Just to put it in the mind of my husband (or anyone else that would like to donate to the cause), would you get a look at this beauty? Yes, I want one and it so happens to come out in my birthday month. Hmmm, a birthday idea? Just in case you can't read it, it is a Canon 50D.5. Can you believe it is already September? I swear the year has gone by and I haven't even had time to blink. So much has changed but at the same time I still have my constants that hold me to the ground - my family and friends. I love you all!

6. My little man Jacob has demonstrated that he is REALLY interested in the potty and now that AJ is off at school I will have some more time to work with him. He is successful at pooping at least every other day if not more often. The pee thing is still a mystery to him. I do have to post another one of those, "my kids are going to kill me for this someday" videos though of what I think is his total cuteness - even if it is on the potty. :)

7. My stress over our Dayton house is greatly decreasing thanks to the help of the most wonderful people, the Zollars. Jenny and Mike have acted as our property manager's for us as our most perfect tenants move out. :( They are also going to take care of our new tenants for us. :) Despite all of the stress and frustration that goes into moving all of the time with the military, the friendships that come out of it are invaluable. Thanks guys! You have no idea how much this really means to us!!!
8. Speaking of friendships, I feel like I have been on a catch up sort of whirlwind. I have spoken to three people in the last week that I have not talked to in over a year and it seems as if we were never apart. I love those friendships that can stand the test of time.
9. This is not a confession per say but a request. Anyone that likes to cook or bake, I encourage you to hop skip and jump right on over to Shelley's blog and check out her Sweet Fridays. It is actually a lot of fun to be a buddy poster and I encourage you to do it too. (I think her readers are tired of only seeing me :)
10. Am I breaking the rules? Most of the other blogs that I read do a Ten on Tuesday which in turn is pretty much identical to my Wednesday Confessions. I just like to do mine on Wednesday because it is half way through the week. Is it so wrong to be different? Sigh...


Shelley said...

Your Wednesday confessions are great! Keep them going! I have just been doing ten on Tuesday's to fill the blogging void!

And no, you are not a bad mom for not being upset with AJ going to school...I'm sure you just got your emotions out with Elizabeth, and have been putting on your 'big girl pants' ever since! Plus, a break from a toddler is priceless!

Great tub photos...I need to take new ones of the bean...thanks for putting the idea back in my head.

And thanks for the link to Sweet Fridays! It has been fun! I find myself wanting to back 10 things every week now...If only I could just eat sweets...

Mom/Gamma said...

So many issues to cover. First of all, what great pictures/video. A. J. looks so grown up and happy to start school. I'm confused on the bucket thing, seems much harder to carry.?.? As far as you feeling bad about your emotions, I think it really has to do with your oldest one officially starting real school. Pre-school just doesn't seem as permanent.
I'm also very glad that you have so many helpful friends. I remember moving all the time and it seems to really help when you can keep in touch.
I love reading your Wed., wish I could get as organized as you.
Love to you all!!!

Jenny said...

Happy to help Carrie and happy to continue helping in the future. Thanks for the "shout out". Happy Wednesday. Gosh, almost Thursday now that I look at the clock!

Susie said...

Did you all just leave Dayton? Bummer, we just got here!

10 on Tuesdays have been going for over a year now- they really caught on!