Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Confessions Part VIII

1. Seriously? Is it Wednesday already? I am not sure where the time has gone. I feel like my weeks are just flying by. Before long, the holidays are going to be here. Ugghh!
2. Seriously. I cannot wait for Grey's Anatomy to start. Yep! I have Sept. 25th marked on the calendar.

3. Seriously! I am really tired of Spiderman! My son, the spiderman freak, goes to school dressed in the same spiderman shirt and spiderman shoes everyday. (Thanks Camden for the shirt - don't know what we would do without it!) And every night - yep you guessed it - Spiderman pj's. But back to the shirt. He begs for this shirt everyday. I think he would sleep in it if I would let him. Worst of all, I think his teachers think he only has one shirt because that is all they have seen him in. I might just have to send in a note on that matter. Oh well. I know it is a phase, but seriously!

4. I am seriously excited about my Holiday Mini Sessions that I am offering. Did you see the post below? I ordered my postcards and they should be going out to the "locals" sometime next week. Yea!

5. OK - here is a serious one for you. Is it my responsibility to pick up after the adult in the house being I am the "housewife" and that is part of my "duties" or should the dude get off his butt and help out a little. At least pick up your dirty underwear. ( I have to preface that this rant is not mine but that of a dear friend that shall go unnamed for fear of the wrath of her crazy mother-in-law.) But, seriously!

6. As if I am not seriously addicted to the Wii (well Mike more than I), they just released a new game yesterday, Wii Outdoor Challenge, and I want it but just can't justify spending any more money on that silly system. However with all of the rain and hurricanes around here it might be a good investment for the kids to have some active play inside to burn up some of their energy, right? Go with me on this one - I need to get Mike on board!

7. Speaking of money, we are on the hunt for a fabulous deal to DisneyWorld in January. My in-laws are going to visit the big mouse and have invited us along but right now we are finding that that place is just WAY too expensive for our tiny little budget. I have heard of people going to Disney for very cheap but I have decided that they know something that I must not because I just can't find anything right now. Ugghh!

8. OK - here is one for you. When is defending your child over something they did out of line? Let's just say the boys and I were at gymnastics yesterday and were having a blast. And AJ was off doing his thing with the teacher and I was with Jacob. And let's just say Jacob was swinging from the parallel bar when some pscho (ooops did I say that) little girl comes over and pulls his legs and says my turn. And let's just say as a result of this he falls and hits his face on the crossbeam, biting through his tongue, bruising his chin and jamming a tooth. And let's just say, the mother of the injured child, me, says to the little girl, "We don't touch other kids - they get hurt." Not anything too crazy yet, right? Well, the little girl heads on over to her mom and is crying in her lap. Come to find out at the end of gymnastics as we are walking to the car, I say to the mom, "I am sorry if I upset your little girl. I just wanted her to know that she can't pull other kids off of the bar." This is where it gets ugly. I get in response, "How dare you reprimand my daughter. She is very sensitive and you have hurt her deeply. She was only trying to help your son. (Keep in mind the other mom was engaged in a conversation not watching at the time) And then she goes on to say, "You need to watch what you say to other children." OK - her is my big, SERIOUSLY? Did she really just turn this around on me? I didn't think I said anything wrong (and I had witnesses and credible ones at that!). I guess I am just going to have to see what next week brings. Oh yeah - I got it on film, or well digital file, as it happened. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED - it's not pretty!!!

9. Now that I have scared you with that, I LOVE READING GLASSES! As I'm sure you can figure out, I am at the computer a lot during the day. As my age has gradually crept up there, I have noticed my eye sight changing. So off I went to the eye doctor. That is a whole other story for another day. But, anyway, he is putting me in reading glasses for my time on the computer and I am in love. I can actually see what I am doing - amazing huh?

10. And just for the heck of it because I can't come up with a # 10 - SERIOUSLY!!!

Have a good week!


Sally said...

Girl, we didn't name you "Drama" for nothing. :-) You so should have taken that mean mommy to the mat like her little girl did to Jacob. Seriously!

Also, have you checked on Shades of Green? Do they not have availability for when you want to go? We found that and ITT tickets to be pretty affordable when we went. Plus, Shades of Green is great for the kiddos when they need some down time. Hope you get to go!!

Shelley said...

I'm pretty sure you should have punched that lady in the mouth...all in the name of defending your son of course!

Debbie and Kirt said...

That little girl seriously looks old enough to know better. Seems she knows how to work over her mom. Seriously!!

Carrie said...

I am so glad to know that we are all on the same page here - should have knocked her (the mom) out when I had the chance. :)

Jenny said...

Carrie check for Orlando. There are TONS of amazing condos available for $329 for a whole week. We went to Myrtle Beach two summers ago this way and our condo was unbelievable.