Monday, September 8, 2008

Toys That Last...

...well not only in quality but get continuous play from the kiddos. Yes, once again I am posting to Erin Cobb's Mama Monday's. This week's topic is toys that stand the test of time. I know that my kids get WAY TOO MANY toys on various holidays and with Christmas right around the corner (who knew?), I thought it would be a good opportunity to chime in. Anyway, here are the favorites in this crazy household:

1. Fisher Price Stacker - Advertised as an infant toy, my kids still flock to this one on occassion. I can tell you Jacob will still pull this one out quite often. Makes a great baby gift!
2. Fisher Price Busy Ball Popper - There is something about this toy that calls to kids that visit. My kids don't play with this on a regular basis but I can tell you when they have friends over, that is one of the first one that others pull out. I have debated donating this one but it still gets so much "love" by others that I can't part with it quite yet.
3. Bicycles (for any age group) - From the time they were small and not yet able to ride, we have had the kids on some sort of wheeled device. They love to go outside and hop on for a little spin. What else can I say - they stand the test of time.
4. Leapster - I am not a big fan of video games for kids but with all of the travelling we were doing and the moving, I knew the kids needed something that was easy to transport and they could play with in their seats. We orginally just got one for Elizabeth but soon realized that AJ was able to finagle his way around some of the games. What I like best about the Leapster is that all of the games are educational in one way or another and they can grow with your child.
5. Doodlepad - Future artists dream. We have probably 10 of these throughout the house. We have several of the big ones in the house and I have the small ones in the car for the kids to use while we are driving. I usually keep one in the mommy bag as well for those times in stores or at restaurants that you just need a little something more to tide them over. LOVE THESE!
6. Playskool Magic Tea Set - Remember the dinosaur tea party? Yep, that's the tea set involved. And the tea with biscotti's? And yet another event with the same tea set. Oh - and I'm sure my mom remembers from way back - tea mixed with Cheeze-Its. (Two-year-olds find these combinations appealing - don't ask me why!) My sister-in-law, Amy, sent this to Elizabeth for Christmas when she was two and here we are three years later and it is still in great condition and getting lots of quality tea time hours.
7. Balls - what can I say about balls except that they can be thrown, rolled, tossed, kicked, punted, hit, pitched, squeezed, batted and I am sure there are many other adjectives that I am just not thinking of. Anyway, these are always a great hit with all of the kids.
8. Books - all of my kiddos LOVE books and I am very thankful for this. We have a nightly family reading time before bed and have implemented it for each of them from birth. They have all learned that books are so important and fun at the same time. There is a great post here on some great books that many moms enjoy for their kiddos. I know my kids do rotate through their favorites.
9. Playdoh - No matter your age or gender, it always seems that this stuff attracts people just like flies to, well we won't go there. Anyway, I find myself joining in the creative blob formations that come out of playing with this stuff. To me, this is also a fool-proof birthday gift for kids under 5 that they are guaranteed to love!
10. Rody - So, if you have looked at the link, you probably said. "What the heck is that?" Well, when my mother-in-law sent one to the kids about three years ago for Christmas, that is exactly what I said. (Just a brief description - a blow up, bouncy, ride on cross between a horse and something or other.) Obviously she was in the know that season because the kids still bust that thing out at least once a day and with the layout of this new house they now have a race track to ride Rody on.
11. Tupperware Shape Sorter - I remember this toy from when my little brother was younger and had to have one when I had Elizabeth. I actually ordered it before she was even born. All three of my kids have learned the shape trapezoid and pentagon before going to preschool thanks to this great toy!

I am sure there are others but those are the ones that come to mind right now. I would love to have your feedback on toys that you think stand the test of time. Also, Jacob's 2nd birthday is coming up. Any ideas or suggestions for a kid that doesn't need any toys or clothes? We are thinking big boy bed and swing set (for all three) are going to be the winners this year.

Have a good week!

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Amanda said...

I would have to say LEGOS are timeless at my house. Both my boys (son and husband) love them!