Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wednesday Confessions Part V

Disclaimer: You should have all been forewarned by the title of this post but if you bypassed that part - here is where I warn you. You get what you get here. My mood will vary, that I guarantee, and I will do my best to give you my honesty in my confessions. After all, isn't that what confessions are about? Do you have any today?

I am a little late on this today but hey - better late than never, right? So here we go.

1. I am sure you all probably could have guessed this one but, I miss my little girl! I didn't realize how much company she really gave me during the day and now that she is gone for most of it, it has really set in. The boys are still keeping me hopping but it's different. I think the hardest part for me now is missing our one on one time when the boys are taking their naps. Last week we got to have a Jurassic tea party - how cool is that!? I guess I will just have to save up for the weekends.

2. My house is a disaster! Two reasons - Mike is TDY. That should say it all right there but if not - let me be clear. When he is gone, the house becomes messy and frankly I don't care. The other reason - I decided to rearrange the playroom and of course that entails a huge mess before as I get everything organized again. I hope to have that done by tomorrow. Well, tomorrow night that is - that is when Mike gets back. :)

3. I got a job! Well, sort of. One of the local preschools hired me to do their fall and spring school portraits. This is a new venture for me but I think I can handle it. I will just have to get my act together when comes time.

4. Speaking of photography, my new logo is up! Check it out if you want.

5. I had mentioned here that I was thinking about making the switch back to disposable diapers. Well, I have decided to make a switch but instead to a different type of cloth diaper that should be easier with Jacob (in the changing department that is) and hopefully I won't have ammonia issues with these. When I did some research I learned that the ones I was using had a high incidence of ammonia reactions with boys urine - something about the material being used. I hope this does the trick because I actually really like cloth diapering.

6. Yes, Sarah, I have embraced the curls. I am not too sure about totally embracing the humidity but one thing at a time... I actually had my hair permed so that my curls would be even as they are not when it is natural - another thing that pregnancy did to my body.

7. Oh yeah - speaking of that. No, I am not pregnant!!!! I went to the eye doctor last weekend as I have been having quite a bit of trouble with reading and focusing and plus I haven't had my eyes tested since college and low and behold, he told me my eyes have muscle atrophy due to pregnancy. Seriously - these kids are destroying my body!!! Anyway, I have to go in for eye therapy (whatever that is) every week for the next 10 weeks and then be re-tested.

8. Elizabeth went with me because she failed her eye test during her school physical. The doctor told me that she is far sighted but wants to see her in school for a little while and see if the strain on her eyes makes it worse. If so, he is going to put her in glasses. I guess this is no big deal - just one more thing to have to remember to have her wear. Hopefully, we can hold off a little though.

9. Speaking of Elizabeth and school - she is doing great! She loves her teacher and has been really excited to go every day. Her teacher told me that she fits right in and is getting right into the routine. I have been walking her to her class the past two days but today I only walked her as far as the outside of the school. I thought she might be a little nervous about finding her classroom but instead she just opened the door and turned around with a little wave and she was good. I didn't get any phone calls so I am assuming she made it okay. Our next step is to just walk to the school grounds and let her go from there.

10. I am a Team Mom now. Soccer starts on Saturday and the coach asked me if I would be Team Mom. Because I am the type of person that likes to get involved way over my head, I said of course. Well, see what that brings. I'm thinking this shouldn't be that bad though.

Well, that is it for this week. Nothing too exciting or insightful - just what is going on here. How are things in your world?


Sally said...

Love, love, love the dino tea party. Now, that's the type of girly I can get behind! :-)

A Quick World said...

I like how the bows were added to the dinos. It puts a little girl factor into it :)

Shelley said...

Congrats on the photo gig! That will be so much fun!

The dino tea party was pretty cute! Wish I could have been there to join you!