Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Logo

OK guys! I need your input! A very talented woman at Design Eleven Templates has assisted me in designing my new logo and I would like your help. Please let me know which one you like better and also, if you have any suggestions on one or the other, please include that. Thanks for your help! You guys rock!

(A) (B)

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Which logo is your favorite?

A - the blue and brown with flowers

B - the bright colored with fun heart


Sally said...

Are you still gonna use your flower?? I really like the blue & brown one, but I do miss the flower.

Shelley said...

I voted for A...Love the colors, and the text...very unique!

A Quick World said...

You know i'm gonna vote for the Blue and Brown because those are two of my favoite colors together. And I think it will look great with the new webpage.

Anonymous said...

Being you do photos of both adults and children I think that A goes both ways. They're both cute though.
Love you,