Thursday, August 14, 2008

You said WHAT!?

Yep! I've done it! I have said those words. The words I dreaded as a child actually came out of my mouth for the first time yesterday afternoon. Do you know what they were? (I feel like I need a drum roll here.) They were, "You're grounded!" And do you know the look that I got when I said it?

Yep! This is the one.

I had told her for a long time to pick up her room before her friend from next door had to go home. I even gave them a timed count down. Finally, it was time for Elise to go home and wouldn't you know it - her room still looked like a tornado hit it. If that wasn't enough (you guys know how I like things in their place), she started throwing a temper tantrum about how she didn't have anyone to help her now and that it was all my fault. I have her an opportunity to change her attitude and then the door slammed. So out it came, those dreaded words.

I did have to explain to her what it meant and that next time I hope she thinks about her actions first. She is only grounded for one day but maybe this will help a little in the respect department. Who knows.... I see years of groundings to come from these guys....

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Shelley said...

And so it begins...I would ground the bean right now if he understood it, but I guess timeouts will have to suffice for a few more years...

By the way, Elizabeth is just beautiful! I can hardly believe how grown up she is! I would love to see you do a whole shoot of just her!!