Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Confessions Part VI

Disclaimer: You should have all been forewarned by the title of this post but if you bypassed that part - here is where I warn you. You get what you get here. My mood will vary, that I guarantee, and I will do my best to give you my honesty in my confessions. After all, isn't that what confessions are about? Do you have any today?

1. You are getting this a little late today because AJ had his preschool orientation this morning. I am very impressed with the school so far and I have high hopes for AJ this year. His teacher seems very suited for the type of structure and discipline that he needs. He officially starts on the 3rd and then we have a 2 week evaluative period before his speech therapy starts at the elementary school. It should keep us hopping!

2. There is this gecko that I have decided must live somewhere around here because every night he is on our back patio. This little dude has NO FEAR. The picture below was taken without any zoom and he didn't seem to flinch with the flash. I think I might have to name him for kicks and giggles if he continues to stick around.

3. I am HORRIBLE at indoor photography!!! Any of you fellow photographers out there, I would love to have some pointer, hints, suggestions, or just a kick in the pants! Anyway, for that reason, that is why I am following along with Shelley on her Sweet Friday's so I can improve my indoor photography and also have some fun with my kiddos at the same time. But seriously, I need help!!!

4. Speaking of sweets, that seems to be all I am eating these days. If I don't change my eating habits and get off my lazy butt during the day, I'm pretty sure I am going to turn into a blimp!

5. If Jacob calls me Daddy one more time, I think I am going to scream!!! For some reason, any adult is Daddy to him. Seriously, all that I do for that little man, maybe a Mommy from time to time might be nice!

6. I think I am loosing my mind! I have officially decided that this Florida move did something to my brain. (Well, at least I will blame it on that for now.) I am having the hardest time staying organized, my house clean, knowing what is coming up next, etc. I used to be the most organized and time efficient person and it just isn't happening now. I hope I can get my act together soon or it is going to be a long school year!

7. Have I mentioned on here before that my brother got in to medical school? Well, he did and he started yesterday. Can you believe it? My little brother is on his way to being a big bad doctor? It seems like just yesterday he was a pudgy little 8 year old. Wow, how time flies!

8. Gustav, GO AWAY!!!!!

9. I am desperately in search of someone located in Dayton, OH to help us out with our house there and so far I have come up with nothing. Our renters are moving out and I need someone to collect the keys, do a walk through, be there for the carpet cleaners and turn the keys and lease over to the new tenants. Mike and I are trying to avoid him going up there so it is less time he has to take off of work but so far it isn't looking good. Our renters move out next Thursday and the carpet cleaners come on Friday. Ugghhh!

10. I have sold almost all of my cloth diapers in order to make the switch to bumgenius diapers courtesy of Shelley. I am hoping these will work better for Jacob!

11. And just because I like to use them! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shelley said...

Indoor photography is tough when you rely on natural light. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to get away without using a flash. My suggestion: Use flash, but learn how to use it properly. Avoid using any auto settings on your camera. Stick to shooting in manual mode. I know you shoot with an XT or XTi, so it should have a pop up flash. Don't use it as is. Either get a flash deflector/diffuser to attach to your camera, or think about investing in an external flash. I use a Canon Speedlight 4 hundred something (I'd have to look to get the right number). It takes a little getting used to, but it is great indoors. I can angle it in multiple directions to bounce light off of the ceiling, walls, whatever I need. You can also use it to offset the harsh blowouts natural light can give you by the windows. For me, it is worth getting a clear photo by using flash indoors when I need to...I am not a die hard all natural light or nothing...Besides, when your kids are opening presents by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, you want to get great shots...You don't want them to be blurry!

Ok, sorry for the photography lesson! I will never be done learning myself!

And about the sweets...I limit myself to one sweet treat each day on the weekend...It has made it more special, and I am losing some 'blimpiness'!

Jenny said...

Hi Carrie,
Mike and I would love to help you with your house next week....but we are scheduled to be in Pittsburgh either leaving Thursday or Friday, it's still up in the air. There is a chance Mike not come at all and if that's the case he could probably get himself over there. I'll email you once we know. I know that's probably not very helpful since I can't commit but we can provide some backup if necessary.

A Quick World said...

What about Tara? I still talk to her off and on. Maybe she or Jamie could run over since they are in the same neighborhood?

Just a thought!