Friday, August 22, 2008

sweet friday

In conjunction with Shelley's Sweet Friday's, I have decided to do a buddy post with some baking that the kids and I have done together.

This week's recipe (well not really a recipe) is for Symphony Brownies.

-family size brownie mix (and whatever the box calls for)
-2 large toffee Symphony bars

Prepare brownie mix as directed on box.

Once the batter is mixed, place HALF of it the pan and then layer with Symphony bars. Cover with rest of the batter and bake as originally directed.

For some reason, the Symphony bars come out with a mousse type consistancy - they are delicious. And the last step is of course to consume as if no one is watching! ;)

I try and let my kids help me cook on occasion. It gives us time to do things together while I am doing something that I enjoy too. They really get into it and always are ready to taste test their hard work. Now that Shelley has started her Sweet Friday's, this is a good opportunity for me to make sure that I have some more cooking time with them. Hopefully I can be a buddy poster on a more regualr basis. :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was fun for the kids and tasty also. You're a great Mom and VERY patient!
Love to you all,

Shelley said...

I will be trying those soon! Thanks so much for participating! I hope we can get some others to join in too!

Janice said...

That looks so yummy! I'll have to try those with the symphony bars! The pictures of your kids baking is so adorable. What great helpers!