Friday, August 15, 2008

1st Shoot

I took Elizabeth to the back of our neighborhood last night to get an idea of the natural landscape that I had to work with for potential photo shoots. Of course she happily cooperated - she is quite the model. Anyway, here are a couple preview shots.


Shelley said...

Yeah! Thanks for taking those! I am so happy to see so many photos of the little beauty!

Great job Mama! Looks like a perfect photo shoot location! And just out your backdoor? Wow!

Sally said...

Love these. Get ready to be busy, lady, because once word gets out about you, you're going to be booked solid. Good thing you've got all that free time...;-)

A Quick World said...

They look awesome!! I love that bridge to the swimming pool. I've always thought it was cool to take photos there.

Anonymous said...

Love all of them, she's beautiful just like her Mom!
Love you,