Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday Confessions Part III - What you don't know about me

1. I HATE to have my food touching or mixed together on a plate. I know I am not the only one out there that has this strange quirk - reveal yourselves, you crazy kids!

2. I LOVE to sleep. I could sleep all day and night and that would be fine with me. The problems with this is that I don't get nearly enough sleep. You see, I have three little alarm clocks that go off at all hours no matter how cranky I am about it. Oh yeah - make that four alarm clocks. My husband has this ability to wake me up when he comes to bed even if he isn't trying. Maybe in another 20 years I will be able to catch up?

3. I am not nearly as organized as all of you think that I am. There are many times I spend forever trying to find something wishing I was more organized. I am glad that I appear to have my act together though.

4. On the same note - I cannot take all of the credit for having such a clean house. I have two very big helpers. First, if you don't have a dog, it is hard to understand how they are probably the second best vacuums out there (second to the Dyson). Molli is very quick to help clean up after meals although she has gotten picky in her old age but beggars can't be choosers. Second, having a husband that displays qualities of OCD when it comes to having the kitchen clean is also wonderful! I love you Mike and you keep up the good work on the kitchen! :)

5. Along those lines, do you know where Mike and I met? Most of you think we met in college, and that is partly true as we were both attending the same college and living in the same dorm. (Don't worry Mom, I won't give it away!) And you thought you were going to get something juicy. Only those of you that truly know me know the truth. That is one confession that won't happen until after the kids are grown - need to come up with a good story for them! Ha!

6. Kids - hmm, what can I say about that department that you don't already know. Well, I guess I let them watch entirely too much TV so that I am able to get things done around the house. I also have a very short temper and am quick to yell. I am sure if I toned that down a little my kids wouldn't be so loud as well. I am also obsessed with clipping their fingernails. I know, strange, right? Well, I like to keep them short because I find it really gross to see dirt under fingernails.

7. OK - I think I strayed a little. More of something about me that you don't know. My BA is in Economics. I only got that degree so that I could graduate in time to marry Mike. That degree happened to fit all of the other classes that I had taken while being so undecided. It wasn't until we moved to Florida the first time that I got my nursing license.

8. Ooooh, Ooooh, I know!!! I was flying an airplane before I was driving a car!

9. I think I need to submit an application to the SuperNanny! Would anyone vouch for me?

10. I have been on a picture taking hiatus while I try and find some good locations around here. Sorry for the lack of pics!

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Sally said...

Oh, the insight. Love it! :-) See you in two(!!) days!