Saturday, May 5, 2007

Is He Trying To Tell Me Something?

So - this morning after getting up and dressed, AJ came straight downstairs and disappeared for a while as I was feeding Jacob. A little bit later he came running into the kitchen with a couple of kernels of dog food in a cup and proceeded to pour them into Molli's bowl. This went on and on until he filled the bowl completely. (This is normally Elizabeth's job but I'm sure she didn't mind sharing the task.) He was VERY proud of himself. When I told him to go put the cup away and that he was all done, he disappeared once again and I found him in the hallway with the Swiffer, dusting the floors. I am starting to think that he was trying to tell me that I needed to get to work. Anyway, I am very proud of my little helper!!


Shelley said...

That's hilarious! See, Josh isn't the only little guy with chores!

A Quick World said...

You know he has a compulsion like his dad :)