Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We're on our way!

Our Monday consisted of watching the packers box up all of our stuff and making sure that the kids stayed out of the way. Nana and Papa did a great job of that as they took them to breakfast, to the park, for walks, car rides and any other activities that kept them busy. The movers were a great group and did a great job (as far as we can tell). The kids, Mary and I left for the airport in the afternoon for our flight to Denver. We left the boys in charge of wrapping things up in Dayton and pass the house off to our new renters. The flight was "interesting" to say the least. Let's just say that flying was not in AJ's plans for that day. But anyway, we made it to Denver and are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of Daddy and Papa. The rest of our move will continue after Mike and I take our long over due honeymoon to Hawaii next week.

Elizabeth thought it would be fun to take pictures of the boxes and movers.
The kids played out font while they waited for the packers to finish up.

Elizabeth and AJ thought the moving truck was the coolest truck they had ever seen - of course it was certainly the biggest they had ever seen up close.

Our last trip driving to the Dayton Airport for our departure to Denver.

Nana helped me wrangle the two mobile ones while we waited for our flight.
Thank goodness for Nana!!!!!

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Shelley said...

You are so lucky that your family is so helpful! I couldn't imagine that flight without some help!

It's always so exciting PCSing. We really get that 3 year itch to move on...I am already anxious for our next move - probably next summer, and we will have been here for a record breaking 3.5 years!