Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Typical Day

I have been asked many times, what I do during the day. Well, as most of you mothers know - your day consists of many jobs including that of maid, daycare teacher, hairdresser and many many more. But anyway, I decided to give a brief description of a typical day in the Marlin household. First thing, the kids get up around 7AM (all three of them) and the chaos begins. We try and get dressed and diapers changed before we come downstairs but that doesn't always happen. Then it is time for breakfast. Let me tell you - when you have three hungry kids yelling at you to feed them it can be quite overwhelming! At times it seems like managing three drunk men with Alzheimer's. Anyway - after breakfast we usually have some individual play time (actually it really is meant for me to get my self acceptable for the day.) This tends to drag on because by Mommy has to run up and down the stairs 20 times to break up fights or fulfill some request that just can't wait - it takes me FOREVER sometimes to just get dressed. Anyway, on days that we don't have some morning activity planned and the weather permits we make our way outside and try to soak up some sun and expend some energy. The kids love it outside and it seems that WWIII can be dodged while there is plenty of space for them to play in. Mealtime comes around once again and I find myself trying to come up with a creative menu that doesn't consist of hot dogs, mac n' cheese or PB & J (the standard menu of a young child). After lunch, AJ is off to nap and Elizabeth, Jacob and I lay down for some rest time of our own. My battle with rest time is that I tend not to get much rest myself because I spend the whole time trying to make sure that everyone else is resting. I guess it isn't too much of a sacrifice because as many of you know - a tired child is MUCH WORSE than a tired Mommy. When the kids are recharged it is time for some more play inside or out. This usually takes us to dinner time. Making dinner is another challenge in multi-tasking but hey - my kids have never missed a meal. Dinner time can be crazy. It seems that they get messier with each meal. It is a good thing that we save tubby time for the evening. Once dinner is over - the kids run around in there bare essentials until the baths are ready and the kitchen is basically cleaned up. Tubby time is a lot of fun - I don't know many kids that don't enjoy taking a bath. After that we have bedtime snack, brush teeth, stories and off to bed. You would then think this was when the adult decompression started but there is always a little body that manages to make their way downstairs and find something that they need. Despite all of the chaos and craziness that these kids cause me - I couldn't imagine having a different job. So that is my day in a nutshell. Below are some everyday pictures that have been taken over the past week. Enjoy! I wish you a happy and peaceful day!

The kids skillfully working on thank you notes after their birthdays.
I love when they work together!

Nap time for Jakey! Can you get any more peaceful?

Time for Tea! Elizabeth gets her one-on-one time during AJ's nap.
She got to play tea party with Gamma while she was
out helping me while Mike is gone.

Playtime in the Bumbo. Jacob is getting so good with his
coordination and loves to make his toys move!

Playing outside in the backyard. I am going to miss the
green when we make our way back to the desert.

The rollie-pollie that Elizabeth found and wanted to take a picture so that Daddy could see it.

Jacob loves to be outside! He finds hours of entertainment in his exersaucer.

Dinner time. I think we need a bath tonight!

I love gazing at Jacob after his bath - it puts him in such a happy mood. He is so much fun!

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Shelley said...

That's pretty cute. It looks like you are managing very well. Do you still have family there to help with your bum ankle?