Wednesday, November 5, 2008

anniversary in a box.

So, you all know that my mom came out for a visit, right? Well, she generously gave up spending her anniversary with my dad to be with us. The sweet man that he is send her this huge gift basket with a card attached that said something like, "If I can't take you to Italy this year, I thought I would send you a little bit of Italy." The basket was a Taste of Italy.

With that being said, we decided to have a little "taste of Italy" party at the house with our good friends in order to celebrate my parents 28th anniversary. This is how the kids ended the night... as we adults stumbled around the kitchen. Boy, does Italy have some good wine!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! Here is to many many more happy years!!!


Debbie and Kirt said...

Brings back memories of TPS doesn't it? We had a similar scene at our house Halloween night.

Mom/Gamma said...

What a cute picture, the kids were so much fun and I loved being able to just hang out with all of you. The food, wine and goodies that Dad sent were amazing and it only took a few glasses of the "vino" to remind me of our trips to Italy. I'm such a lucky woman and of course a very lucky mother and gamma. Thanks for making my "solo" anniversary so great.