Saturday, November 22, 2008

something is wrong with this picture.

My baby is no longer a baby. Tonight we transitioned into a "big boy bed" after a few acrobatic moves he attempted from his crib. Does he know what he is doing to his mama - growing up and changing so fast?

It was a novelty to get out of bed and come say "night-night" for about 45 minutes but since then there has been peace and quite. I think he likes his new bed. I, on the other hand, was not ready for this. His crib was the last thing we had tying him to being a baby and now no more. Oh well - I guess it had to happen sooner or later.

Love ya little man!


Jenny said...

We only just transitioned Brady to a "big boy bed" (BBB) coming up on a month ago and he still loved his crib at that point and had not even attempted any "acrobatics"....but we asked him what he thought and he wanted a BBB...this overly emotional Mommy cried for hours about it. LOL Like you said, it was tying him to being a baby and I wasn't ready to give that up. I hope Jacob continues to love his BBB. A big 2 year old now!

Shelley said...

I was sad too for the bean, but he really needed the extra room. He did well for the first 6 months, but now we can't make it through a night without him coming into our room and climbing into our bed...Hopefully Jacob is a better sleeper than the bean!

Cute room!