Wednesday, November 26, 2008

national pie making day.

A good friend of mine informed me that today is National Pie Making Day. :) Well, being I didn't know that, I decided that I had to enlist the help of my most involved chef to get a start on our T-Day pies.

Thank goodness for the apple peeler or we would have been peeling for quite a while.

Apple and Pumpkin pies. Did I do okay for my first attempt at National Pie Making Day? Have a great Thanksgiving to all!


Sally said...

Great job, Carrie! Glad you got to enjoy pie day! Next year, enchiladas! :-) Good thing you have such a great helper!

BTW...I'm not sure it's's a Caspers family tradition. :-) Doesn't mean it shouldn't be a day off from work though!

Mom/Gamma said...

They look yummy! Tell A.J. great job!
Love to all.