Friday, November 14, 2008

a curse or a blessing.

I guess it would depend on who you ask. I am assuming if you would ask my kids, they would say it was a curse. I, however, believe it is a blessing.

With Jacob's birthday right around the corner, finding the perfect gift for him has not been easy. I do think though that my mom came pretty darn close. (It was a great gift for me too, I might add!) She got him a working, cordless, light weight vacuum cleaner.

Not only does he love to vacuum with his new vacuum, I have also implemented chores that the other kids have to do with it! Elizabeth has to vacuum under the kitchen table at night after dinner and AJ has to vacuum by our shoe bin (we don't wear shoes in the house).

I must say, I am pretty darn happy with this gift - even if it is for Jacob!

1 comment:

Mom/Gamma said...

Weirdest gift I've ever given! Glad he's enjoying it and hope it helps out you also.
Love and miss you all!