Thursday, November 6, 2008

gamma and the beach.

While my mom was visiting, I decided to take advantage of the extra set of hands and head out to the beach to try and capture some family photos for our Christmas card. (I will post some out takes later.) Anyway, the kids got the biggest kick out of how many shells there were up on the beach. We usually don't have that many here. Gamma got in on the shell finding action when we had to take some breaks from the shoot itself.

Get a load of that diaper crack. Poor kid can't even look for sea shells without his little behind hanging out.

On our way back to the car. Jacob had a bit of an incident with the water (fell face first into it) so off came the shirt and we ended the shoot that way.

I am pretty sure mom enjoyed the beach and I know we got some good photos for our Christmas card. Miss you already Mom!!!!

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Mom/Gamma said...

What a fun time we had at the beach, I can't believe I'm going to say this but I think your beaches are much prettier than ours. You can tell the kids all love it in Florida and seem to fit right in. I hope your pictures came out. Everyone should know that Carrie's amazing photography skills didn't come from me. It was fun just trying though, you have such a fun family.
Love and miss you all terribly!