Tuesday, February 24, 2009

karate queen.

Elizabeth has been taking Karate lessons for about 6 weeks now and has fallen in love with it. The best part out of all of this is that it is at the YMCA. During class, the boys go into the Y's child care and I get to work out. What more could I ask for?
Anyway, she recently received her uniform and is so proud of herself. She practices without me asking and gets ready to go way before we have to be there. Her teachers are great with her and we have seen a lot of improvement all ready.
My only hope is that it will teach her to defend herself and build her confidence.
Please pardon the horrible picture but it's all I could get at the moment.


Jenny said...

She looks so cute with that bow in her hair! Gotta be fashionable while you're learning to be strong and confident!

Sally said...

She's gotta be the cutest karate girl ever!

Amanda said...

Camden likes this picture so much he wanted me to print it out so he could hang it in his room!