Monday, February 16, 2009

wonderful day.

I am sitting at the computer today editing pictures from a recent photo shoot. As I look into the eyes of this precious little newborn, I am reminded of all of the emotions; love and joy that goes into having a child. From the moment that we find out we are pregnant to the day they leave home, children bring innocence into such a crazy world.

How I miss the days of holding my children and rocking them to sleep but how wonderful it is to know that they are growing up to be strong independent people with personalities all their own.
If you are interested in checking out pictures from my most recent shoot - head on over here.

1 comment:

Mom/Gamma said...

What beautiful babies you and Mike had. And if I do say so the cutest Grandbabies ever!
Loved the photos of the newborn, you're an amazing photographer, keep it up...
Love & miss you