Sunday, February 8, 2009

a little reunion

So, as you know we move around a lot. Well, with that comes doing our best to stay in touch with those that we have been with through thick and thin in all of our adventures. Last night we had a small online, goofy type reunion. Ahh - how Nintendo would be proud. We reunited with fellow TPSers from California and Nevada in an online tournament of Mario Kart Wii. Here is how it went:

AJ: "Daddy pick a good race for us!"

AJ: "Dad, see this is how you do it."

Now this is playing as a team!

AJ: "Aw man! I feel off the edge."

Daddy: "It's okay buddy! I love you."

Good times! Good times!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

We love that feature on Wii!! Makes it seems like your friends are (sort of) in the room...or at least just down the street.