Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, this new running thing has turned into a love/hate relationship. And yes, for those doubters out there - I am still going strong...

What I love:

  • My shoes!!! Did I mention, I LOVE my shoes! I have always heard that it is all in the shoe that works for you but I had my doubts. I went and had my foot fitted and came to the conclusion that I need stability shoes. After trying on half a dozen pair, I decided on the Mizuno. This is the best my feet have felt ever exercising and I have had no problems with my shins, knees or ankles (as I had feared).
  • The high. Who would have thought that you could become addicted to something that is good for your body!? I guess the over load in oxygen will do it to you every time... :)

What I hate:

  • The pain. Yes - the pain in my lungs, the pain in my muscles and not to mention that pesky MCL injury. I must admit that all of the "pain" is subsiding but still isn't something I look forward that is for sure.

  • The treadmill. When I started my running, it was exclusively on the treadmill so I didn't know any different. But, now - oh the outdoors call to me. The wind, the cool air, the freedom from the kids, the change in scenery, etc. I could go on forever. Anyway, I have affectionately or not so I guess renamed it the dreadmill!!!

So for now, knowing that I am making myself healthier and proving to myself the things that I can achieve is all that I need to stick with it.

Less than 2 1/2 weeks until race day! YIKES!!!


Jenny said...

I'm running my first "race" (LOL) on Saturday, the 21st. Wanna join me in D.C. in October for the Army 10-miler? That's the goal's actually more than a goal, it's a must! Good luck! Oh and I'm looking forward to when Lucy grows some hair so I can purhcase some bows from you!

Mom/Gamma said...

Good for you, you'll do great!