Saturday, February 28, 2009

running day, part 1.

We kicked off our running weekend with the Seminole Spirit Run at Bluewater Elementary School. Jacob and AJ made a mad dash for the spinning fans in the Tot Trot 100m dash. What a cute and fun sight to see!

Up next was Elizabeth for Kids Fun Run 1 mile. Look at the serious look on her face as she prepared herself for the race.

There were quite a few kids from the school that ran.

She never stopped to walk once! SO proud of her!

Look at that form!

Towards the end, Elizabeth and her best friend, Riley, were in need of some motivation. These girls insisted that I hold their hands as we jogged our way to the finish. They were such troopers! Elizabeth finished in 11:32 and Riley was 11:35.

As we saw the finish in our sights, I told Elizabeth to sprint in and she picked it up and made it to the end with no problem.

And of course there were plenty of water breaks along the way and treats at the end. Jacob discovered that he LOVES Gatorade and I think drained half of the cooler.

Post race we headed back home with ribbons in hand and pride high.
Jacob and Elizabeth showing off their ribbons. AJ was not feeling too photogenic at this point....

...but I got a picture of him in the end anyway.

I am SO proud of my little guys! They have certainly given me quite a bit of motivation for my race tomorrow. Yikes!! Did I mention that I have a race tomorrow? I suppose I will have to do a post about that tomorrow - stay tuned!

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Sally said...

Good luck in your race tomorrow, Carrie! Good job, Marlin monsters!! You guys were awesome!!