Friday, April 10, 2009

a day of eggs

Today was one of those busy days for us. Monday, Wednesday and Friday's, Jacob and I get some one on one time together while the other two are at school. Usually it is quite laid back and quite on those days. Well, today we were treated to not one but two school events. First we headed off to AJ's preschool for and Easter egg hunt followed by a family style picnic.

I explained over and over to Jacob that this was AJ's egg hunt and he had to help me cheer him on. What a good little trooper he was as he cheered, "Go, AJ, go!" These boys my heart flutter with joy when AJ showed Jacob his loot and Jacob sat patiently waiting for AJ to find the right egg to "share" with Jacob. I love when I get glimpses of sharing in a peaceful manner.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get any pictures of the lunch as I was too busy eating myself, yum! When the boys and I were finished, we listened to the Easter story and then I snatched AJ up to take him home a little early.

We were not home 15 minutes when it was time to head off to the next event. Elizabeth along with all of the other kindergartners made top hats and bonnets for Easter that they paraded around the whole school. We arrived for the parade just in time and were greeted by some very proud kiddos.

Elizabeth sure does have her princess parade wave down pat! Wrist-wrist-hand-hand. :)

After the parade, the kids headed into their classrooms to change out of there bonnets and top hats and then it was off to the field for an Easter egg hunt. Let me tell you, her teacher sure does have those kiddos trained. All of them were chanting, "no more than 12 eggs" while waiting in their line up.




She made it back with her 12 eggs in tow. The kids headed back to their classroom for some end of day duties and I took the boys back home. All in all I would say it was a good day with LOTS of good treats!

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