Friday, April 10, 2009

feedback please?

This is my entry for the constructive feedback Friday. I love this picture but the lighting on brother is just off. I used a 50mm /f 1.8 ISO 200...not sure of the rest... Anyway, any suggestions to make this photo better would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

And for those family members out there that are seeking pictures of their grand kids (he he he) Check back this weekend. I have a lot of updating to do and I promise I will get to it!


drewmark19 said...

It's hard to tell because the photo won't enlarge, but I'm thinking the focus on big brother may be a slightly fuzzy. I'd try to select only his face and then sharpen it up a bit. To get a better view of baby, I'm wondering if next time the photo could be taken slightly above baby with big brother looking up too. I love the proud brother expression you captured with him gently holding his brother's hand.

theArthurClan said...

I agree with drewmark19's idea of taking the photo from above...right now the baby looks kind of lost and doesn't show up very well in this photo at all. Whenever I shoot photos of my kids, I try to take shots from a 1,000 different angles and perspectives while they are in the same position. This way, I usually get a couple shots that are fantastic out of all the others that are so-so.

What a bunch of cute kiddos!

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