Friday, April 24, 2009

a day of emotions

Yesterday afternoon was quite the day for the emotional roller coaster. We were all saddened when we heard the news that one of Elizabeth's karate teacher's died of a heart attack earlier that morning. It is still hard to comprehend that such a young and fit person could loose their life so suddenly.

Karate was still held and to our surprise the little kids were tested to move up to the next rank. The video of the testing is below.

Elizabeth along with another 5 year old in the class earned their yellow belt last night. It was such a great way to honor their Sensai.

I was so incredibly proud of her last night and am still in awe that she was able to complete what she did.

Sensai Scott with the kids right after their testing.


Tricia said...

I love the video! so sorry to hear the new about her Sensai. Tell her Adam and I are so proud of her!

Jenny said...

Congrats Elizabeth!

Debbie and Kirt said...

Way to go Elizabeth!!