Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day...

... was filled with lots of sugar, household projects and building, getting stuck in trees, setting dinner on fire and good friends and neighbors to the rescue!

Saturday we started the project of replacing our front storm door. When we moved in the glass on the door did not stay in place and came crashing down. The door was fine except you couldn't close the glass. Anyway, the owners of our house were nice enough to go let us pick out a new storm door. Mike repainted the doorway as well as hanging the door. I must say it is so pretty! The boys couldn't help but want to get in on the action with all of the tools and screws laying around.

Once the door project was complete it was off to the next big project. Shhh - it's a playground for the kids for their birthdays. Mike and I started it on our own but quickly realized that with the kids around and very complicated directions, this was going to be a long and tedious project.

So, we called in reinforcements to help out. Not only did they come willingly - they provided us with entertainment at the same time.
After being shooed away from the project site enough times, the boys must have thought that they needed to do some manly work of their own. Demolition was on their minds. The quickly got to work bringing down the little play set that has been long out grown!

Once demo was complete, I decided it was time that I get going on dinner. So with the men deep in thought I headed into the kitchen to get our kabob's ready to put on the grill.

Just a word of advice - make sure there are no plastic toys in your grill when you are cooking or you will end up having plastic coated BBQ. (Sorry - no pictures here - was a little busy trying to not to breathe in the smoke.)

I quickly realized that I had ruined dinner and wasn't quite sure what I was going to do when our dear friend and neighbor ran home and brought their dinner over. I shoved some chicken nuggets in the oven for the kids and we were back in business. Thank goodness for good friends.

Now if only the play set was kid ready! It started to rain so construction came to a halt. It has been raining her all day and is supposed to be into the night so I am thinking it will be a slow and long project at this point. Hopefully the anticipation of getting to play on it will just make the kiddos that much more excited in the end!


Jenny said...

What an exciting Easter you had! Sounds like you live in a great neighborhood with great people!

Sarah said...

Carrie you look so skinny! Love the picture of you carrying Lauren and Jacob, makes me miss our TPS family!

Tricia said...

Wish I was close by to take the old play set off your hands. Are u gonna keep it? Jari or my parents might like it if not :)

P.S You look hot!

Debbie and Kirt said...

Looks like you had your hands full on Easter!!