Thursday, April 30, 2009

field day

So, I got this flier sent home with Elizabeth telling us about field day and realized that is a memory that I had forgotten up until that point. I remember back in the day, looking forward to field day at school each year where an entire day was dedicated to fun, games and good times.

I couldn't wait for Elizabeth to have her field day this year. The boys and I packed up our stuff and strolled on over to the school to be a spectator. Mike then met us there a little later to take on the spectator duty while I took the boys to gymnastics. I was able to make it back with the boys that afternoon for the closing ceremonies but wouldn't you know it - the memory card was full by then. Anyway, Elizabeth had a wonderful day and came home with a ribbon that she is very proud of and has displayed with all of her other ribbons she has achieved over her now short 6 years of life.

Below is a little video snippet of some of the days activities. Oh, the memories!

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Tricia said...

I LOVED! field day! and it amazes me how the same games we did back in the day are still being done now :) Way to go Bizzy on the ribbon!

We Love You!